About Our Go Wellness Events

If you like learning that is as entertaining as it is educational, then Go Wellness is the place for you. We meet quarterly in Utah and share the best practices in healthcare today. Our events are designed to transform healthcare entrepreneur’s lives (along with their team), through creating medical and business strategies that integrate TCM with Functional and Regenerative Medicine.

The Go Wellness healthcare model is like no other, as it fosters practice expansion for our clients through wellness programs that fit all types of practices from allopathic to holistic. Our community has practitioners from all genres of medicine who are committed to transforming the health of a million people by 2025.

Go Wellness events are held every quarter and serve as a re-set for practice owners and their teams both mentally and physically. These energizing events provide solutions to the health crisis in America by offering the best healthcare providers in the industry a model in which they can help more people with their medicine, and enjoy greater levels of freedom.  Here’s what you can expect.

#1. Get ready for the right kind of action!

Go Wellness simplifies the complexity in medicine and kick starts you and your team into taking the right steps to end the health crisis in America. Role-playing, dialogue and experiencing hands-on Regenerative medical treatments will have you fired up and feeling great. This is not a check your Facebook snooze-fest conference where breathing is the only requirement. You and your team will actually be working on yourselves and projects for your practice that you will implement on Monday.

#2.  Promote like Kanye, Innovate like Elon, Think like Einstein and Be like Lao Tzu

Go Wellness events are themed after noteworthy game changers in various fields of study. We say promote like Kanye because, well… he gets heard. He also has killer shoes and can lay down some thumpin’ beats. Each event will inspire you to get your voice heard with weekly Regenerative Medicine talks, community speaking, and social media influence so that your community can love you like Kanye loves Kanye.

Elon Musk has transformed my driving experience and I think that together, we can do the same for healthcare. We’ve moved away from the gasoline guzzling healthcare industry by innovating with efficient stem cell therapy, peptides, functional medicine and bio-hacking services making health faster, better and more accessible for the planet. Our next healthcare project? Mars. 

Einstein taught us to imagine things that we cannot yet see, like the complete makeover of a broken healthcare model. It may take more than the time-space continuum to revive healthcare but with your genius, I’m sure we can pull it off. The possibilities are endless, and there’s no better place for your talents to be recognized and harnessed.

Lao Tzu offers us the courage necessary to take things less seriously. Practicing medicine is laden with rules and regulations, and is full of bureaucratic heads dictating what’s “medically necessary” and what’s not. Go Wellness approaches healthcare in a way that supersedes “conventional” methods by creating a brand new medical model that puts the “fun” back into medicine. The Tao of the healthcare entrepreneur is to think “inside” the box when it comes to the FDA and medical boards, but to think “outside” the box in looking for future collaborative ways to move the medicine forward with the support of regulatory agencies.

#3. Prepare to have your “blinders” removed. (All are welcome: ND’s/MD’s/LAc’s/RD’s/PA’s/NP’s/DC’s/HC’s/OM’s/CEO’s/COO’s/FD’s/CM’s)

What you know and what you don’t know might catch you by surprise as you learn perspectives from western trained MD’s, Ph.D.’s, Doctors of Chinese Medicine, and even health coaches. We have a “no respecter of titles” philosophy and while that doesn’t mean we don’t honor and value each person’s educational credentials, it simply means that every person can openly share their unique insights. Our community is comprised of medical providers with a variety of credentials who are focused on forging healthcare for the future. They bring their game faces and teams and are expected to share their knowledge generously. Many brains are better than one. No matter how much you think you know, or don’t know, expect to get your blinders peeled off and see just how much wisdom you do have and how quickly you can implement the new things that you learn. Parkinson’s Law works.

#4. Learn Better Medicine and Better Business.

The core reason that Go Wellness exists is to innovate and expand freedom from the current medical system so that change can take place. This allows for individuals to receive the best possible healthcare from practitioners who love transforming lives. Our events are tailored to help not only the clinic owners grow, but also their entrepreneurial teams, who are as passionate about the medicine as they are. We have breakout groups for Health Coaches, Front Desk Coordinators, Office Managers, Case Managers, and Marketing directors. We also have hands-on medical training on injections, brain treatments, IV’s with stem cells and NAD, facials, acupuncture and more. Come and get treatments for yourself and drink your own cool aide. There’s no better way to learn new medicine than to receive it yourself. (I’d like to think that this applies to psychiatry as much as it does regenerative medicine.)

#5. Real Medicine is Art and Science

Medicine has been dominated by sciences for decades now to the point where patients receive nothing more than a handshake with their doctor. Healing is hands-on. Your brain is impressive and important, but so is your heart. We believe in you and your capabilities to transform peoples lives, but do you believe in you as a health-promoting instrument… as much as your lab data and peer-reviewed journals? We are a community that honors what we don’t know as much as what we do. Practicing medicine isn’t meant to happen alone. Transformations happen when we all get together. Real medicine happens when we all participate in the experience and heal together.

Who is Go Wellness NOT for?

I thought you’d never ask.

It’s certainly NOT for someone who isn’t 100% committed to making the world a better place by ending pain and chronic disease for as many people as possible with safe, innovative medicine that gives people health independence.

It’s NOT for you if you are a doctor or healthcare practitioner who believes that you’ve reached your prime and there’s nothing left to accomplish.

It’s NOT for you if you don’t have anything meaningful to contribute to the Go Wellness community, and yes, a smile and a hug is considered a meaningful contribution.

It’s NOT for you if you aren’t interested in having a “self-running practice” that can operate independently of you. This requires you to have the desire to grow and nurture a TEAM around you.

Go Wellness is NOT for those who want a cookie-cutter, half-baked approach to healthcare that takes your brain out of the equation. While we do give you the framework to practice medicine using Go Wellness systems, they still need your brain and heart involved for them to work.

Go Wellness is NOT for people who want to compete over the number of visits performed or the highest collections but not share their success stories. Growing a profitable business is applauded and encouraged and best practices are openly discussed. We’ve created an environment where everyone can work together and grow together. No matter if you are just starting out, or you have several multi-million-dollar practices, we can all learn from each other.

If you’ve made it this far then congratulate yourself with a deep sigh of relief because you’ve found your new family. We can’t wait to meet you and your team in person. The next step is to become a part of the Go Wellness Community!

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