Pain and chronic disease can be optional with cell therapy and treatments.

This episode of Go Wellness Radio is all about cell therapy and what it can do for your body. Regan goes over why cells are so important towards reducing aging and why it causes super-speed healing. he also explains what cell therapy is and what a typical cell treatment looks like.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Would you like to heal your pain, but also like to avoid surgery?

[3:10] Why do our bodies not heal ourselves?

[4:45] Cells in a newborn are doubling every hour. Within a 30 day period, there are a billion cells from one single newborn cell. That decreases as you age. At 35, you will have 32,000 cells within that same period.

[5:45] You can reduce aging and heal old pains by increasing cells in your body as you get older.

[6:00] What is a cell?

[7:30] We are losing 300 million cells every minute.

[7:55] How do Regan and his clinic find and obtain new cells?

[9:55] What does a typical cell treatment look like?

[12:45] Are you ready to do something different?

[13:10] When Regan’s shoulder got injured, his doctor told him that his only available option was shoulder surgery. Regan tried cell therapy instead.

[13:55] Please reach out to Regan and his clinic to find out if cell therapy is right for you.

[16:35] It’s a myth that you ‘just have to live with it.’

[18:45] Regan shares a case study of a patient, who had no cartilage in their knees, that underwent cell therapy.

[19:35] Knee replacement doesn’t guarantee that the problem will be fixed. In fact, there’s a 50% chance that people will need additional surgery.

[21:15] Regan and his team have helped over 415 patients avoid total knee replacement.

[22:15] What do you need to do before you cell treatment?

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