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Let’s talk about the brain! For a long time, we believed that the brain could not regenerate new cells. Research now shows that this is false. In this Go Wellness Radio episode, Go Wellness Founder Regan Archibald shares information on how to slow down the aging process, reduce inflammation and disease in the brain, and what treatments are available to you to help improve brain function and recover from concussions.

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Key Takeaways:

[:35] Let’s talk about the brain!!

[1:00] Ever experienced a concussion? Today’s topic is going to be all about brain regeneration.

[1:40] How can you improve the longevity of your brain?

[3:25] It’s Regan’s mission to have his patients live a long life.

[4:20] What is health independence and age extension?

[6:45] The oldest person to ever live was 122.

[7:25] The leading cause of death right now is aging.

[9:10] The main cause of aging is due to not having enough stem cell turnover to heal what’s been damaged in the body.

[11:00] How can we begin to re-populate our stem cells?

[14:00] For a long time we thought once the brain was dead, it was dead. This is no longer true!

[17:45] How can we keep our stem cells healthy?

[19:40] Brains don’t just need good fuel, they need good thoughts too.

[22:55] How can we reduce inflammation in the brain?

[32:45] Regan shares a story about a client recovering from a stroke.

[33:35] Where does Regan find his tissue sources to help patients recover?

[39:15] Who is this treatment best suited for?

[40:35] Give Regan or his clinics a call for more info!

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