Pain is the most expensive thing we can carry around in our entire life. It’s Regan’s mission and goal to cure chronic pain for a million people by 2025. Today’s topic focuses on how clinicians can end chronic pain for their patients, best practices and ways to teach stem cell education to the public, what it takes to live to 100 years old, and so much more! If you really want to make an impact on others and for our planet, then you must, must have an abundance mindset and share your knowledge with others!

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Key Takeaways:

[:40] What’s the definition of aging?

[1:25] What do you have to do for your business if you want to grow by ten times? How about by 100 times?

[4:35] Ben Greenfield was able to get his telomeres to go from 36 years old to 20 years old.

[5:55] You can now send your patients to stem cell health centers.

[9:15] We can end chronic pain.

[13:25] 100 is the new 60. Do you know anyone who is currently 100 years old?

[18:40] Are stems cells just a fad?

[24:00] When it comes to healing others, there has to be an abundance mindset.

[30:45] One of the biggest challenges in healing is simply getting better blood circulation into the damaged area.

[32:25] How long can a person live without sleep?

[42:00] What does the FDA regulation say about using human stem cells?

[48:30] Regan has the audience do a ‘stem cell education’ exercise.

[52:35] Regan goes through some common questions from the public about the concerns they have about stem cells.

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