October 6th & 7th, 2023

Join Us for Session 3:
Age Reversal Summit Event 

Unlock the secrets to innovative age reversal strategies, world-class healthcare, and entrepreneurship.


Insider secrets, advice, and business implementation strategies from top-performing healthcare entrepreneurs. ($10K Valuse)

Featuring Expert Speakers; Regan Archibald, Dr. Dan Kellams, Dr. Isaac Jones, Dr. Eric Francom, and more.

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Do you have the skills needed to take on the next 3-5 years in medicine? Healthcare is transforming at a rapid rate and I don’t want you to be left behind.

This event is available nowhere else, and it is your chance to make 10 years of practice advancements in just a single weekend. Imagine being able to cultivate new capabilities that will allow you to attract the best patients imaginable by honing your personal brand. Learn the art of peptide therapy as you’ve never learned it before. Gain the knowledge of longevity diagnostics so that you can keep yourself and your clients on the path to extended health and lifespan. 

During this exclusive event, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from some of the most brilliant minds in the field of age reversal medicine. These experts will share their cutting-edge research, innovative treatments, and proven strategies that have helped countless people turn back the clock and reclaim their youth. Key topics include:

  • Learn the latest screenings for cancer that find DNA variants 4 years before most scans.
  • Brain MRI to detect anatomical variations that lead to disease.
  • Carotid Artery Intima Media scan to see the age of your vessels and blood flow.
  • Advanced Longevity blood markers to predict upstream interferences. 
  • Know how to test and interpret the top Longevity SNP’s and apply the right therapies. 
  • Quickly transform your entire business model so that cash flow is never an issue again.
  • Capture the best wealth strategies and secure investment vehicles.

But this event is not just about learning from others. It’s also about connecting with like-minded individuals who share your passion for health, wellness, and longevity. You’ll have the chance to enjoy your own longevity experiences and forge meaningful relationships that can last a lifetime.

At Go Wellness, we practice what we preach! During the event, we will be offering state-of-the-art treatments in our biohacking lounge where you can feel rejuvenated. Sign-up now and let us help you elevate your healthcare business.


Regan Archibald

Regan Archibald, Lac, FMP, is one of the leading Peptide Specialists in the nation and serves as a Regenerative Therapy and Peptide Consultant at the award-winning clinic he founded in 2004, EastWest Health (acueastwest.com) and Integrated Pain Specialists. Regan is the founder of Go Wellness and is the creator of the Peptide Mastery Course. He is a member of the International Peptide Society. He is the author of 8 books including, Never Stop Healing and Your Health Transformation.As a Peptide Expert, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Regan brings immense innovation and cutting-edge options for those looking to recover from pain, balance hormones, or increase performance or optimize their health. His clinic, EastWest Health, is the first Medically Managed Peptide Program that includes the use of Acupuncture and Herbs, Regenerative Medicine, and Functional Medicine.

Regan believes that health isn’t a destination and that disease doesn’t take vacations. That’s why he’s created one of the most innovative wellness curriculums in America called the “Health Accelerator Course.” With over 1000 active members participating in weekly “HACs” (Health Accelerator Challenges), and thousands more tuning into his podcast, Never Stop Healing, Regan is truly not to miss on your health adventures.

Dr. Dan Kellams

Dan Kellams grew up in southern Indiana, where he attended Indiana University and then the University of Louisville for sports sciences.

Dan then went on to the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) where he received his training and studies in acupuncture, herbology, Tai Chi, Tui-Na (oriental massage) and Qi-Gong. Dan earned his Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2009. He completed his clinical internship at the prestigious Methodist Hospital in the Houston Medical Center where his passion for advanced integrative therapies grew. Dan earned his DACM specializing in integrative approaches in 2020.

Dan has been heavily involved in integrative, functional, and restorative medicine for over a decade. He enjoys being a clinician, an avid researcher, and an educator in integrative therapies as well as a proponent of whole-body care strategies that focus on the central idea that “the power that made the body has the power to heal the body.” Aside from being the Wellness Coordinator at Peak Vitality in Denver Colorado, Dan also travels the country to consult, educate, and coach other clinicians on auto-immunity, chronic illness, and difficult health cases.

Dr. Isaac Jones

Coined “The Doctor of the Future” by Jeff Arnold founder of WebMD.com, Dr. Isaac Jones is pioneering the future of healthcare. He is the founder and CEO of Health Experts Alliance (HEA), a company committed to educating forward thinking doctors and health entrepreneurs to build predictably profitable freedom creating businesses. The goal he has is to transform healthcare away from disease care and into true healthcare. He is passionate about amplifying an honest health narrative backed by true science by helping the voices and businesses of truth rise to the top. Companies he’s coached and mentored have exited for a cumulative total valuation of over $1B. His vision is to positively impact the health of 1 Billion lives by 2040 through inspiring doctors, entrepreneurs and leaders to create a true healthcare system.

He’s a father to 3 sons and 1 daughter and lives in Atlanta with his beautiful wife Erica the COO of HEA.

Dr. Eric Francom

Success is relative and until three years ago I did everything I was expected to do to succeed. I studied, graduated, became a dentist, opened a practice, grew it, and took care of my family.
Working 70 hours a week and ensuring my four clinics were profitable came at a cost: I was a prisoner of routine and of the monster I created.

The day I decided there was another way was the day I started my journey to freedom. I started to think differently about time and money. I applied the same discipline I used to create my prison to create my freedom.

Today, I am making much more money working far less. In the process, I have become a better person because I have the time for what I value most.

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