Mike Buyze

“Being a member of Go Wellness has changed my practice, but more importantly, has changed my life. There are many practice management organizations, many motivational speakers and many mentors out there. What I have found in Go Wellness is a group of people who are truly committed to helping as many people as possible change their life for the better and leave disease and chronic pain behind. Their dedication to MY success is inspirational and I have learned how to, truly, ‘walk the walk’. My practice has more than doubled since joining and my ability to help people and change their lives has exponentially improved. My self confidence has grown and my ability to confront my fears and my boundaries is vastly improved. This is a sincere group that is here to help because that expands their ability to help even more people live the life they desire, not the life they have had to settle for due to poor health. This is a group of amazing visionaries who can help you become your best self as well!”
Reba Eagles

DOM, CEO of Original Medicine Wellness Center in Albuquerque, NM

“The Go Wellness Team and the East meets West Clinics are Game Changers in the Healthcare arena! Our team had an incredible experience and look forward to serving and saving more people with them. Chronic pain and disease will be optional for millions of people with Healthcare Entrepreneurs like them!”
Dr. James LeFever
Las Vegas, NV
“In 3 months I am working less hours and have doubled my income by applying Go Wellness Services to my clinic. The program is AWESOME! – highly worth it!”
Aaron Ishigo, LAc
Hilo, Hawaii
“Every time I listen to Regan’s talks I get more insights on how I can better fine tune my clinic to better serve my community’s health needs.”
Kim Gitzel, LAc.
“This information is SORELY needed in our profession, and by me. So thank you very much Regan it was inspirational!”
Holly Ross, LAc.
“This training has given me the tools to educate my clients, staff and myself to create health and wellness in one’s life.”
Jeff Paulson, LAc.
Founder of Integrated Healing Acupuncture and Wellness
“This program provided me with a number of paradigm shifts which will directly affect my practice. One of the most important being a focus on whole health treatment and enhancement verses symptom treatment.”
Joi Thomas, LAc.
“It was great to be able to take practical techniques from the program this weekend and implement it in my clinic on Monday.”
Connie Preston, LAc.
“Great information, easy to apply and requires minimal effort to see maximum results.”
Allison Suddard, LAc.