Go Wellness Founder Regan Archibald (left) with Eliott Spencer, PhD. (right)

Eliott Spencer is the co-founder and operator of the Utah Cord Bank, which, with the customer’s permission, collects stem-cell rich blood from umbilical cords and stores it for research purposes. On the show, Eliott discusses how stem cell research has evolved over the years, and how this important research is going to help cure more people.

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Key Takeaways:

[:45] How did Eliott first got started in stem cell therapy?

[5:35] Elliot shares an example of how stems cells from our children (without hurting them) can heal us.

[10:15] How has stem cell research evolved over the years?

[16:20] For those listenings to the podcast, Regan shows a graphic that has some purple blots in it. What exactly is he looking at? Eliott explains further.

[22:00] The environment of your body can change the behavior of the cells. For example, by injecting stem cells into an inflamed joint, the body uses those resources to heal, and change, damaged cells.

[23:35] When it comes to holistic medicine, how much faith do you want to put into science vs. nature?

[25:25] Elliot believes what Regan is doing at his clinic is wonderful. Regan is preparing patients’ bodies to be more welcoming to stem cell treatment.

[28:40] What kind of risks and complications come with stem cell treatment?

[31:00] It is Regan’s mission to help people live without pain.

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