increase1. Provide More Value

Ask yourself, how can you provide 20% more in what you are offering? Spend some time focusing on how you can improve the quality of care.

What services can you enhance, what are the extra things that will allow you to over-deliver? Give your patients more presence, kindness and hugs. Practice the golden rule and treat them like royalty. The fastest way to gain respect and trust is to give it.

Take yourself through the process at your clinic. Call and make an appointment and evaluate the experience. Go in and complete a Report of Findings (ROF) and evaluate that experience. Now go through an entire wellness program A to Z and see what your results are. Put yourself in the shoes of your patients and I’m sure you will be able to find ways of increasing value 20% or more.

pitch-more2. Pitch More/Close More

Use better offers and close more people through asking for referrals, scheduling more events, promoting yourself more through social media and through other media outlets.

And then offer more services in your treatment plans. Quit limiting yourself to only offering 2 or 3 services in your treatment plans, add in valuable services that teach your patients “how to fish.”

Block out more of your time to do the ROF’s and to train your staff on closing techniques — it will be your biggest return on investment. Spend time refining your sales processes and make sure that your entire team are 100% certain on how to close patients, not just present nice options to them.

Patients appreciate it when you take the time to get them committed on a course of care. They realize that the only way for them to reverse their condition is through hands-on training and guidance and they need to see that you can confront all the potential barriers from the very beginning of their care.

referral-partners23. Partner More

Find more businesses and medical clinics that you can refer to and they will return the favor.

Bring in a chef to teach a class on cooking, a yoga teacher to get your patients some basic yoga skills, a personal trainer to teach them how to exercise, a therapist to train them psychologically.

Reach out to the many resources in the community and you will see how easy it is to get referrals. Don’t just rely on your current patient base but find other businesses to send people your way. Find 5 to 10 partners to promote with. Who are they?

pay-attention4. Pay More Attention

No matter how advanced you think you are you need to pay more attention.

Know how many leads are coming in each week, know the revenue coming in, know what levers to pull to increase the flow. If you don’t manage by numbers then you are free-wheeling it and not consciously directing your business. This is when you start to decline.

Find out why you aren’t automated in certain areas, why your marketing strategies aren’t working or the ones that do work. What are the main stats that you need to focus some attention on? Do your team members have the same level of knowledge and care when it comes to analyzing stats? Make sure that everyone is up tone (high energy) everyday and that the entire team is focused on the same target.

You can’t pay more attention if you don’t have a clear outcome in mind.

automated-marketing5. Prioritize Automation

What can you automate for the best experiences for your clients and patients? Drip marketing, ongoing thyroid, weight loss, stem cell, and diabetes campaigns that are pulling in new leads and selling services or products on a regular basis.

Automation happens with tools and systems that can be done without any human thinking. If we rely on ourselves or on people who are working for us then its not automated.

automateVirtual clinics, online scheduling and payment capturing, education emails and videos. Think about what kind of revenue you have received from something you built 6 months ago? If you aren’t generating 50% of your business from something you built a few months ago then you don’t have a business.

Can your patients easily schedule with you online? Do you have a way to collect payments while you sleep?

Stay tuned for Part Two…

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