Our Courses:

Functional Medicine & Healthcare Entrepreneurs:
– 24 one-on-one Coaching and Mentoring calls from Expert Coaches, Providers, and Healthcare Entrepreneurs running 7-figure practices
– Live weekly group coaching sessions
– Practice Analysis and Growth Strategy
– Online Training, Live Training, and Program Design: $50,000 Value

The Peptide Advantage

– Learn the power of Peptide Therapy in your practice, and how to implement with made-for-you Program templates, Marketing guidance, Vendor set-up, and more!

Rapid Enrollment Mastery Transformation

10X your close rates on programs!
– Year-long training on mastering the art of the close with Regan Archibald
– ROF Manual with Script for exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to speak authentically and persuasively (never salesy)
– Learn to close plans from $5-10k by building value (not manipulation)
– Learn how to communicate at a higher level


Endocrinology, Cancer, and Metabolic Disease Treatment Strategies

– Guidance by Dr. Dan Kellams, creator of Peak Vitality, Fertility Expert, and Go Wellness Coach.
– Huge increase in patient satisfaction thanks to your further expertise in this area!
– Continuing education being added each month! Resources to use for your practice implementation.

The Acupuncture Blueprint For Success

– Access to the online Acupuncture Blueprint For Success Training Modules that allow you to get your acupuncture practice to the level that you want it in half of the time.
– The Acupuncture Blueprint For Success Training Guide will give you the tools we use to 10x our practices.
– Documents, patient handouts, SOAP notes, Educational PDFs.