How To Have Great Realtionships & Midsets 

Start planning for our next event, “Creativity in Medicine” on Sept 16th & 17th in Salt Lake City. This event will bring a new level to using creativity in your practice!

In this week’s episode, Regan discusses his new worksheet, Timeless Health. This test is designed to help you build a great relationship with your patients while also giving them a solid foundation on where their health is now and how it can improve.

This worksheet focuses on our mindsets toward health and gives patients an easy-to-follow path to discovering where their health is and how they can create the mindset they will need to change it. The Timeless Health test will bring new light to your patient’s needs and desires for optimal health.

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Key Takeaways

[0:00] – Announcements

[0:52] – Todays Topic Run Down

[1:39] – Annie’s Thoughts On The Test

[3:30] – The Biggest Challenge

[4:10] – Timeless Health Test

[7:11] – Midsets

[8:48] – Chaunelle’s Thoughts

[12:47] – Study On Side Sleeping

[13:46] – Commodity & Innovation In Medicine

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