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Structural Alignment Acupuncture

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Written by Regan Archibald, Lac, CSSAc, Functional Medicine Practitioner.

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What is Our Acupuncture Blueprint for Success Program?

One of the reasons we created this program is so that you can gain greater clarity, certainty, and confidence in being a successful healthcare entrepreneur. We have seen people take their practices from 5 to 10 patient visits per week to 80–100 in less than 3 months with the systems taught in this program. You can’t expect to master the medicine without seeing thousands of patients.

What Will You Get for Your Investment?
  • 24/7 member access to our online Acupuncture Blueprint For Success Training Modules. Get your acupuncture practice to the next level in half of the time. ($5,997 value)
  • The Acupuncture Blueprint For Success will give you the tools we use to 10x our practices. ($197 value)
  • Documents, patient handouts, SOAP notes, Educational PDFs. ($750 value)
  • Bonus access to our Acupuncture Bluepring for success 1.0 course ($2,997 value)
What’s The Course Outline?
  • Our 3-4-5 Model for Patient Success
  • How to Create and Implement Programs: In-Clinic or Remote, Templates provided, Worksheets to plan it out and overcome obstacles
  • Business Foundations: Stat Tracking, Marketing, our unique ROF Authentic Sales method
  • Office Systems & Organization
  • How to Build a Rockstar Team
  • How to create and execute your long-term Business Vision
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TOTAL VALUE: $13,441.00
YOUR COST: ONLY $97/month!

(minimum 12 months)