Age Reversal Medicine Specialist & Longevity Coaches

Age Reversal Medicine Specialist Certification:

Courses begin every 90 days starting in January of 2024.

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Course Format:
The Age Reversal Medicine Specialist Certification program will be delivered online through a learning platform. Participants will have access to reading materials, videos, and assessments. The program will be divided into modules, with each module containing specific learning objectives and assignments. Participants will have opportunities to interact with instructors and fellow participants through discussion forums and live sessions.

Upon successful completion of the program and fulfilling all the requirements, participants will be awarded a certificate as an Age Reversal Medicine Specialist. This certificate acknowledges their knowledge and competency in supporting individuals in their pursuit of age reversal and longevity, including an understanding of stem cell therapy for joint and body rejuvenation, intranasal stem cells for brain health, memory enhancement, the 9 Hallmarks of Aging, and the 9 Hallmarks of Age Reversal.

Curriculum for Age Reversal Medicine Specialist Certification:

Module 1: Understand the Science of Longevity
– Introduction to aging and longevity
– Genetic and environmental factors influencing lifespan
– Current research and advancements in longevity science

Module 2: Assessing Individual Needs
– Comprehensive longevity assessments
– Key markers and metrics for tracking health and aging
– Data interpretation and personalized recommendations

Module 3: Nutrition and Longevity
– Relationship between nutrition and longevity
– Anti-aging diets and dietary interventions
– Impact of caloric restriction and fasting on longevity

Module 4: Exercise and Longevity
– Role of physical activity in promoting longevity
– Different exercise modalities and their benefits
– Designing exercise programs for longevity

Module 5: Peptides for Longevity
– Introduction to peptides for age reversal and longevity
– BPC157 and its effects on tissue repair and regeneration
– Epitalon and its potential benefits for slowing down the aging process
– GHRP’s (e.g., tesamorelin, ipamorelin) and their impact on growth hormone levels
– Mitochondrial peptides (e.g., MOTSc, SS31) and their role in mitochondrial health
– Brain peptides (e.g., Cerebrolysin) and their potential cognitive benefits

Module 6: Stem Cell Therapy for Age Reversal
– Fundamentals of stem cells and their regenerative potential
– Application of stem cell therapy for joint rejuvenation and overall body regeneration
– Clinical evidence and best practices for stem cell therapy in age reversal

Module 7: Brain, Memory, and Intranasal Stem Cells
– Understanding the connection between aging, memory, and cognitive decline
– Intranasal stem cell therapy and its potential benefits for brain health and memory enhancement
– Current research and future directions in brain-related stem cell therapies

Module 8: The 9 Hallmarks of Aging
– In-depth examination of the nine hallmarks of aging
– Genomic instability, telomere attrition, epigenetic alterations, and more
– Impact of these hallmarks on the aging process and age-related diseases

Module 9: The 9 Hallmarks of Age Reversal
– Exploration of the nine hallmarks of age reversal
– Strategies and interventions targeting each hallmark for age reversal
– Role of various therapies, including peptides, stem cells, and lifestyle factors in addressing the hallmarks of aging

Module 10: Eastern Medicine Foundations
– Introduction to the principles and philosophy of Eastern medicine
– The concept of Qi (energy) and its role in health and longevity
– Understanding the meridian system and its connection to overall well-being
– Overview of acupuncture, its benefits, and applications

Module 11: Qi Gong and Longevity
– Introduction to Qi Gong as a mind-body practice for health and longevity
– Qi Gong exercises and techniques for cultivating vital energy
– Incorporating Qi Gong into a longevity coaching practice

Module 12: Herbal Medicine for Longevity
– Introduction to herbal medicine and its role in promoting longevity
– Key herbs and herbal formulas for age reversal and health optimization
– Understanding herb-drug interactions and safety considerations

Module 13: Acupuncture and Longevity
– Introduction to acupuncture and its use in promoting longevity
– Acupuncture points for supporting overall health and vitality
– Incorporating acupuncture principles into longevity coaching

Module 14: Mind-Body Connection
– Influence of mental and emotional well-being on longevity
– Mindfulness, stress reduction, and relaxation techniques
– Incorporating mind-body practices into longevity coaching

Module 15: Sleep and Restoration
– Importance of sleep for longevity and overall health
– Sleep hygiene practices and strategies for quality sleep
– Optimizing sleep patterns for longevity

Module 16: Lifestyle Factors
– Impact of lifestyle choices on longevity
– Strategies to promote healthy lifestyle habits
– Integrating healthy habits into daily life

Module 17: Longevity Fitness
– Fitness benchmarks for longevity: Fitness 50 at age 100 and Fitness 25 at age 50
– Exercise protocols for achieving and maintaining fitness benchmarks
– Strategies for adapting exercise routines to different age groups

Module 18: Longevity Coaching Skills
– Effective coaching techniques and communication skills
– Goal-setting, motivation, and progress tracking
– Ethical considerations and boundaries in coaching

Module 19: Longevity and Aging Population
– Challenges and opportunities in coaching older adults
– Age-related health concerns and interventions
– Strategies for promoting healthy aging