The Concerns of Glyphosate

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In this week’s episode Regan and Dan discuss the seriousness of Glyphosate, the prevalence of its presence, and how to help your patients overcome its effects.

Glyphosate is a serious culprit being found regularly in our resources and food sources. From trace amounts to large percentages, toxicity in our foods and everyday products is rampant. Regan and Dan discuss in detail how you can help not only your patients’ health, but also the health of those closest to you by paying attention to what we all consume. 

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Key Takeaways

[0:00] – Announcements

[0:42] – “Creativity In Medicine” Event Reminder

[2:26] – Glyphosate Facts

[5:14] – Glyphosate In Our Foods

[6:54] – Celiacs Research On Glyphosate

[8:24] – Study On Vineyards In California

[9:06] – How Glyphosate Disrupts the Body

[10:13] – Labs & Discussions

[12:30] – Americans With Glyphosate

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