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ROF Transformation
Peptide Advantage
Functional Endocrinology

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Course 1: ROF Transformation

Report of Findings Transformation offers our new and improved two-day process, complete with a full script! We teach you exactly what to say, and how to take your patients through this process that yielded a 90+% close rate for Regan!

This is by far one of THE most important skills to have rock solid in your clinic(s).

But don’t just take our word for it – check out our ROF graduate testimonials and see the incredible impact this had in a very short period of time being implemented!

The ROF training has been the most important skill I have learned since starting my business.
Most health care practitioners focus on clinical skills, but ignore learning the communication skills necessary to enroll patients into care.
Regan is a master, and I am continually impressed how he improves his ROF process.
Learning to master the ROF has allowed me to see over 50,000 patients.
That clinical experience itself is much more valuable than any clinical class I could have taken. Also it has helped me grow my practice to a 7 figure practice. Take it, learn from it, implement it!
- Gene Healy

The Report of Findings Training is Gold!!! We had a Diabetes patient with PN. 3 Day ROF got some good results with PN during those treatments.
With the ROF we focused on the patient’s life, wife, and all that good jazz like we all learned in the Go Wellness Training. Talked about the plan after really focusing how we are going to change his life.
Money was talked about for 30 seconds or so. Sold our largest Program to date…. 6 Month Program Acu + Herbs + Labs + Functional Medicine $7k We are on our way!!! 🤘 ❤️ 💯 🦅 😄 💪
– Dr. Eric Sherrell, DAOM LAc.

Course 2: The Peptide Advantage

This course teaches how Peptides can fast-track your patient’s progress, and how to make it a hidden profit center of your business. We provide easy solutions for implementing Peptide Therapy into your programs, Marketing presentations with slides made for you, Peptide 101 handouts to provide to patients, and 24/7 access to all your course materials!

Peptides will give you the edge to make patients sing your praises, offering fat burn, muscle growth, energy, and enhanced wellness safely and quickly!

Course 3: Functional Endocrinology

Taught by the brilliant Dr. Dan Kellams, creator of Peak Vitality, Fertility Expert, and Go Wellness Coach! This course enhances your ability to not only understand people’s hormonal imbalances, but shows you how to reverse issues and improve your patient outcomes X10.

You’ll learn all about Blood Sugar, Thyroid, and Sex Hormones and the Hormone Pathways & Patterns of Pathology when each of these areas become imbalanced. But most importantly, you’ll walk away knowing how to solve your patients’ concerns and completely transform patient satisfaction! Combined with the above, and you’re unstoppable.

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