The Acupuncture Blueprint for Success

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“My biggest piece of advice is to not wait on the implementation — just go for it and you will see your practice grow.”
– Regan Archibald, LAc Functional Medicine, Practitioner & Founder of GoWellness


In spending thousands of hours training acupuncturists how to become experts in treating diabetes, adrenal fatigue, chronic pain, and thyroid imbalances I’ve seen that the practitioners who succeed are the ones who have a greater level of certainty than the ones who aren’t confident in their skills.

One of the reasons I created this program is so that you can gain greater clarity, certainty and confidence in your skills as an acupuncturist and healthcare provider. I have seen acupuncturists take their practices from 5 to 10 patient visits per week to 80-100 in less than 3 months with the systems taught in this program. You can’t expect to master the medicine without seeing thousands of patients.

The fastest way to generate confidence in your practice is to see patients make radical transformations with your treatments. The thing I love about the spinal alignment acupuncture method and the systems taught in this program is that they will help you cultivate the foundation to building the practice of your dreams in half the time. The systems can be applied if you use the Tan method, Master Tung, or TCM acupuncture. Continue to use what is working but learn some new tools to set you apart from the others.
Learn the art and science of generating a steady flow of new patients, learn how to use either a 1 day, 3 day or 4 day report of findings that will yield an 85% close rate. Learn how to enhance your treatments in ways that save time and maximize your outcomes. Add more value to your community through lifestyle medicine with your mad acupuncture talents.

Why have I decided to release my most successful acupuncture systems to you?

Because I have seen the use of pharmaceutical use increase over 20% in my career, more cancer, more heart disease and it’s time we change all of that.

If you are ready to step up to the challenges that need to be faced right now, keep reading!

This program is where you find all the tools necessary to create the practice of your dreams. Take the time necessary to learn the systems and procedures presented here you will find a greater ability to impact more and more people’s lives. Which is what this is all about.

The Blueprint for Acupuncture Success is the program that will give you an instant boost in your viability. So, what is the program?

Before I tell you what it is, let’s discuss what it’s not:

This is not a get rich quick scheme for acupuncturists. This is for only the top 5% of you who want to make the biggest impact in your patients’ lives.

I’ve been exposed to far too many practice management courses that push massive treatment plans, pushy sales techniques and poor customer service. Our profession can’t tolerate any of you practicing this way. Americans need a new solution to the constant push of processed food, unnecessary surgery, and pharmaceutical drugs. You are the answer to the chronic conditions that impact the health of over 50% of Americans today. If you have the purpose to help as many people as you can then this program is for you, otherwise please don’t waste your time or invest your money on this.
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What will you get for your investment?

blueprint for acupuncture success book cover

  • Coaching and mentoring from the best of the best, 7-figure acupuncturists. Plus, live weekly group coaching sessions.* ($2,500 value) *Priceless
  • Lifetime Access to the online Acupuncture Blueprint For Success Training Modules that allow you to get your acupuncture practice to the level that you want it in half of the time. ($2997 value)
  • The Acupuncture Blueprint For Success Training Guide will give you the tools we use to 10x our practices. ($197 value)
  • Documents, patient handouts, SOAP notes, Educational PDFs. ($750 value)
  • Access to Health Online Course ($1,500 value)
  • Free ticket to attend 1 Go Wellness Session: Functional Medicine Training Weekend ($3,500 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $11,444.00

YOUR COST: ONLY $297/month! (or prepay for $2997 and save $567!)

Added Bonus:

  • 2 Live Acupuncture 10x Success Training Events for Only $97 ($2,000 value)

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