Why Corporate Wellness?

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“We Save Lives by Motivating Individuals and Organizations to Get and Stay Healthy.”

What’s going on with the health of our country? We rank last in industrialized countries in life expectancy but first in cost. 68% of Americans are overweight and 50% suffer from a chronic health condition. Insurance premiums are up nearly 200% in less than 10 years. In 2012 the average cost per employee for healthcare was $10,522.00. The employees portion was also $2,204.00. (Source Aon Hewitt)

Most of the workforce wait too long before getting care because of cost. Research also shows that 80% of Americans want a natural solution to their problems. They are tired of the medical system offered. Are you one of them? Employers are feeling more demand than ever to provide medical insurance coverage for employees. In fact the majority of workers interviewed would take health benefits over a pay increase.

The problem with most organizations is that they do not have a motivating factor in getting their employees to participate in wellness programs. The numbers are in: for every dollar spent on individual wellness, the company saves four dollars in future medical costs. When the goal of the company is to have healthy, productive and happy employees, then health and wellness needs to be at the forefront of that organization. Imagine if each one of your employees had their own initiative to be as healthy as they possibly could.

What we have found is that most people simply lack the education but once they have the tools then changes occur. How can it be done? This is where we can help. Our organization has helped hundreds of corporations like yours implement wellness systems. Most of our wellness systems cost you very little money and many can be done at no cost to you. Our approach is to build relationships as many employees in your company as we possibly can. We take a unique approach in doing this.

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How Our Approach is Different:

We believe in measuring progress. What gets measured, gets managed. We let each individual determine their own goals and then we have specific targets and ways of helping to meet those goals. We’ve found that when we do this in a group setting then people are more likely to reach their goals. We have a variety of topics that we have found to be extremely successful in getting your employees to participate in wellness programs. We have also found that prizes, T-shirts and group participation seem to be the very best way to motivate your team members.

We have wellness consultants who are also licensed medical providers. What we do is we give each one of your employees a comprehensive health and wellness screening that looks beyond the typical western physical exam and goes into greater detail in determining the ways that stress has affected health.

Cardiac Risk Assessment: 
Our lipoprotein, cholesterol and blood sugar screening is performed painlessly by our health professionals! You’ll get results in days called your Cardiac Risk Profile.

Blood Pressure (BP) Screening and Adrenal Test: 
Nearly 1 in 3 American adults has high blood pressure. Once you develop high blood pressure, it usually lasts a lifetime. The good news is that it can be treated naturally. Most people also suffer from the affects of stress. Our adrenal function test will let us know how much stress the individual is putting on their adrenals.

ALCAT Food Sensitivity and Toxicity Test: 
This test will help find out the foods that are causing inflammatory responses in the body.

Comprehensive Nutritional Panel:
We believe that at the core of most disease patterns is a nutritional deficiency and this blood test will determine what vitamins and minerals are lacking in the body.

Heavy Metal Urine Analysis:
Determine what heavy metals may be causing mental fogginess, anxiety, and low energy.

Arthritis is a painful condition that affects many people. This program covers the causes, symptoms, and types of arthritis. Risk factors, prevention, and treatment of this condition will also be discussed.

Balancing Hormones Naturally:
Hormones play a significant role in the health of an individual whether male or female. We have found other solutions for balancing hormones besides the use of prescription medications that have been known to cause cancer.

Stress Management:
We have a variety of time proven techniques of reducing stress in the workplace. From utilizing specific breathing techniques to accessing acupressure points on the body we help keep your workplace as stress-free as possible.

Migraines and Headaches:
Migraines can be difficult to manage without the proper tools. Our program discusses the different types of headaches, causes, and natural ways of ending the headaches for good!Prevention and self-care methods will also be discussed using acupuncture and ancient Chinese wisdom.

Back Pain Essentials:
“Ouch! My back hurts!” If you’ve ever said these words, then this program is for you! 80% of Americans will see a doctor at some point for back pain. Our program gets to the root cause of acute back pain and prevention of chronic back pain. Posture control, proper lifting techniques, and weight-management are also discussed in-depth.

Learn About the Three Key Factors Contributing to More Than 80% of Healthcare Costs for Your Employees & How We Can Help:
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