Were you mentored in the practice of medicine but had very little education in operating the business?

The 2020 healthcare landscape will open the doors to new possibilities and close the door to others. If you are looking to stay relevant and connected with what people are looking for in healthcare today, then you won’t want to miss the Practice Transformation Day.

This is a day that you learn the timeless principles of running a practice that yields a consistent flow of new patients with improved results with health upgrades vs. disease removal.

You will also learn the biggest mistakes that most healthcare entrepreneurs make and repeat year after year.

-No organizational structure = lack of execution and ending up repeating past performance or worse.

-Lack of patients calling your office who are pre-motivated, pre-educated and who already want to work with you.

-Incomplete treatment programs. You hope that they will return after a few initial visits but they don’t.

-Poor communication skills, your words are the most powerful tools you have and can get you closer to your dreams faster than anything else, and they always work when used properly.

-Finally, and this might be the biggest one of all, inconsistency in systems and statistics.

I’m sure if you are being honest with yourself you are checking each of the boxes and might even feel that there’s no hope, but I’ve been there too. I remember the time that I finally broke down nearly 10 years ago to the day.

It was one of several nights in a row of leaving my Park City home early in the morning before my kids were awake, and then arriving home late in the evening with my kids already sleeping.

I walked up the stairs to a dark and quiet house and went right back to work updating chart notes, looking over the schedule and doing all the basic functions necessary to keep the business operational. My wife (at the time) resented my work because I was putting everything I had into my practice while the rest of my life was falling apart.


I had no choice because it was either work hard and provide for my family or get into another career.


That night, 10 years ago, I finally broke down and asked a colleague for help. He had a successful practice and invested tens of thousands of dollars per year in practice coaching and entrepreneurism groups.

He seemed to have all the freedom in the world and his practice even operated when he wasn’t there.

I was too stubborn and didn’t want to “throw away money” in coaching because I thought that maybe he was a one-off and not the norm.

I would challenge him frequently and write him off as being too corporate for my open-mindedness.

When I finally asked him for help I expected him to rub it in my face but he did the opposite and he took the time to find out where my challenges were, and what I was struggling with and what my goals were.

I happily found a way to use 3 different credit cards to pay for the year long program and ended up doubling my practice in less than 3 months while working less and finally took my kids on a vacation and found my freedom.

In the past 10 years, I’ve constantly sought out the best mentors in the business and have loved working with them individually but most importantly, I have met some of my very best friends in my mentors groups.

I now have 5 successful, 7-figure practices in Utah and New Mexico and about 5 years ago, I decided to create my own mentorship group called Go Wellness.

I saw that a new genre of healthcare was needed that combined Functional with Regenerative and Chinese Medicine so I founded a model that is built on:

  • Purpose instead of Doubt 
  • Systems instead of Symptoms
  • Inspiring instead of Conventional Conveyor Belt 
  • Teamwork instead of Singular Care
  • Healing instead of drugs and surgery 
  • Creative instead of Reactive 
  • Statistics for decision-making

How many times have you wanted to bang your head against the wall because of the complexity that comes with solving problems in your practice?

We are in a brand-new decade and you get to decide if you want to keep repeating the past by running your practice in the same way, or take another path, and do things better.

If I were Morphius, this would be the time where I would ask you if you’d like to take the red pill or the blue pill, but I’m just Regan, a healthcare entrepreneur who has been in your shoes and I know the struggle.

I want to help you avoid all of the mistakes that I’ve made over the years so that you can get back to your purpose of transforming lives in your practice.

Are you ready to learn how to grow your practice into a successful business?

Make the most out of your Go Wellness Event!