Educating Patients On Lifespan Extension

A crucial part of having a successful healthcare practice is knowing how to educate your patients on how they can keep their health on track. You have patients getting through your door, great! But do you know what they are doing when they are not in your clinic?

A healthy life is not only having a relationship with a healthcare provider, but it’s also what you do at home. After going through a 90-Day health challenge for a 7-year life expansion, Regan Archibald shared key points to longevity to help you learn how to educate your patients on increasing their own lifespans!

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Key Takeaways:

[1:11] There’s a right way and a wrong way of educating your patients

[1:39] Keep patients engaged and motivated because brains love novelty and challenges

[1:57] Developing a curriculum for your patients lets you build a community

[3:02] The most damage we experience during our lifetime is aging

[5:05] Lifestyle paired with peptides maximizes longevity outcomes

[6:56] Achieve prime mitochondria: 30 seconds max effort (sprinting, biking, etc.), 4 minutes mild effort, and repeat 5 times

[8:52] Blue zones (specific geographical locations) are known to increase longevity

[11:42] You have so much value you can add, no matter your age

Blue Zone POWER 9

9 Hallmarks of Aging

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