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Hear From Our Past Wellness Clients

“Go Wellness taught business building strategies that helped me pull out of the classic clinic rut. I was introduced to new avenues of care and I’ve met wonderful people along the way. I definitely would not have the practice I run now without the Go Wellness team and their guidance.”

“Regan has been consulting our practice since 2004 his courage and innovation has inspired us ever since. With Regan and Cade’s team support we have successfully created our dream practice. Integrated Eastern and Western medical service. Our revenue has tripled.”
– Dr. Bing You

“In a field where individual clinicians don’t often have the opportunity to connect on a regular basis. Go Wellness is an academic think tank that provides cutting edge knowledge. An unparalleled camaraderie in a supportive environment. The benefits of Go Wellness that I receive assist me in running my clinic with the compassion I want and the business sense I need. So I can offer that compassionate service I love. Go Wellness is unique and exemplary in every way, a must for successful practices.”

– Dr. Patty De Blasio

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2 Keys to Success

Virtual Peptide Programs

● This helps differentiate your practice from others. There aren’t many Clinics out there that know how to utilize Peptides for optimizing patient outcomes – be a trendsetter.
● Get results 80% faster than you would without peptides, and watch your patients sing your praises.

Complete Wellness Programs

● We teach you how to properly test, treat, and teach your patients to achieve transformative results.
● This allowed Regan to triple his income in three months.
There is a huge opportunity – creating programs that no one else is doing.
● We help you customize these based on what you are able to offer.

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