Corporate Wellness Programs


Free Lunch and Learn

Adopt our Free Lunch and Learn Program with over 30 topics to choose from.

Fitness Challenges

Build camaraderie and fitness levels amongst your employees with our Fitness Challenges.

Weight Loss

Improve productivity and decrease lost work and healthcare costs with our Weight Loss Program.

Work Ergonomics

Test for carpal tunnel syndrome, work ergonomics and biometrics including heart disease and diabetes screenings.

Onsite Wellness Clinic

Our job is to provide small, medium to large, self-insured companies an onsite health center that provides the highest level of healthcare to employees and their families while reducing healthcare costs for everyone 20-40%.

Work Wellness Days

To counterbalance the fast paced environment of the workplace we all need to unplug more frequently. Go Wellness puts the yin back in the group with “Workplace Wellness Days.” It’s a great way to reward your employees for their hard work. We bring in a customized day for your team complete with massage therapy, yoga stretches, healthy food and wellness screenings. A simple recharge can go a long way. The workplace wellness days are one way that we create a relationship of trust and care.