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January 21st, 2021

9:00 AM – 12:30 PM (MST)


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    Meet Your Keynote Speaker

      Regan Archibald

      LAc, Dipl OM, CSSAc

        Regan Archibald is the founder of Go Wellness, which is a training and mentorship program for some of the most transformative doctors in the healthcare field. He loves mentoring, learning from, and coaching Healthcare Entrepreneurs.

        Throughout his career, Regan has been a prolific writer, speaker, teacher, and instructor. He has inspired thousands of healthcare providers with his ideas about creating new healthcare for the future. He is the author of seven books and has created over 18 training programs to help practitioners transform their clinic results and revitalize their purpose. Programs include: The Peptide Advantage and the Healthcare Entrepreneur and Functional Medicine Training.