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graphic illustration of Kanye West singingFor the first time ever Regan is releasing his practice success secrets in the Healthcare Entreprenur Session 1 Training Manual: Leaning on Kanye West to Revolutionize Healthcare in America

The value of this training manual is $594, but is being offered today for only $49 as part of our special launch.

Ok, so why lean on Kanye West?

We’ve got Dr. Dre, Jay Z, and Sean “Diddy” Combs, who are all approaching “billionaire” status – so why use Kanye as an inspiring figure? I get it, he seems to have a chip on his shoulder, he rarely smiles, but he raps with a purpose. The thing I admire about Kanye is that he rapped his first album with his jaw wired shut from an automobile accident – yes a rapper who rapped without opening his mouth. Critics said, “Beating all the odds, it gave him a chance to prove that he was the exception to the rule that producers can’t rap.” – Rolling Stones

Kanye West had a paradigm to break and so do we. We have this notion that “Doctors aren’t entrepreneurs, they can’t run a business, they are terrible salespeople and don’t know how to market.” The doctors who learn to master business with the same level of dedication as they had for mastering their medical practice are the ones who are helping the most people.

My goal is for you to be one of those doctors.

Why do I give a damn? I could just stay buried in my 10 x 10 treatment rooms and keep this all to myself but we are in the biggest health crisis our country has ever seen and you and I hold the solution to this massive problem.

According to the Journal of American Medical Association, allopathic healthcare is the third leading cause of death in the United States, killing over 250,000 people every year. The World Health Organization has declared, “90% of conditions prevalent today are not treatable by conventional treatments.”

The more I dig in, the more data I find that leads to one simple conclusion: “Your talents and skills as non-conventional, holistic healthcare providers is needed now more than ever.” If you have any doubt in your mind of whether your skills are needed to improve the health of society, let me whisper this into your ear-


O.K. that was a bit louder than a whisper but today is the day for you to make a bigger impact on society. Ultimately you can be the one to make the change in healthcare that is so needed in America today. We have to learn how to rap with our mouths wired shut, to hell with what the critics say, to hell with-“I wonder if I can do that? My board might disapprove” You have to start pushing the edge and get out of your comfort zone!

Now that I have issued the challenge of your life don’t run off and jump into an icy cold river because I will be right behind you trying my best to persuade you to join the rest of us in this bold mission.

I too struggled to find my voice as a healthcare entrepreneur.

headshot of Regan Archibald

Regan Archibald, LAc
Founder of GoWellness

I was ashamed of marketing and public speaking. I just wanted people to magically know that I was a badass practitioner who could reverse just about any condition that I was presented with. I, like you, had the knowledge, skills and passion to really help pull some very sick people onto the shores of health but lacked the ability to promote my services. I saw 40 patients per week and was working harder than I do know at 250. Back in the day, I would attend some health fairs, occasionally speak for groups when invited, and even had a website built way back in 2004, but I never felt confident enough to really put myself out there. I just wanted to be the best doctor/acupuncturist possible and thought that if I “healed” all of my patients then I would be busier than I could ever handle and had fulfilled my purpose in life.

Then I learned that I had a bigger mission than my little clinic could contain. I had to confront some real issues in my life and want to thank my mentors who assisted me in this process. I had to transform my relationships, my commitment levels, update my medical knowledge and question everything that I had believed in. What happened is that I was forced to decide: 1. Keep practicing the way that I was and be 80% happy or 2. Take on some bigger risks but feel 100% content that I was doing everything that I could to serve a larger purpose for my self, my profession, my family and for the world.

My choice was to be a healthcare entrepreneur and the only thing that was holding me back was fear. It wasn’t skills, or lack of business knowledge or lack of great ideas-the truth was that I was scared shitless! I found out that evolution has its way of guiding us towards the experiences and mentors that we need to learn from. I want to share what I have learned when it comes to being a healthcare entrepreneur.

That’s why I created the Healthcare Entrepreneur Training Program.

Here is what you will find inside our course materials:

  • Learn the exact method that has help me create multiple profitable clinics in 3 months or less.
  • Get the 3 most important systems you need to engage new patients, move them into the care plan that you create, and get paid for your services directly.
  • Step by step program that will teach you how to add in additional service centers with zero out of pocket expenses
  • Understand why 90% of healthcare entrepreneurs fail and why you don’t have to be one of them.
  • A new way to evolve your clinical skills and business skills.
  • In less than a month generate a steady flow of new patients that want what you offer and will gladly pay for your services.
  • A proven method for adding value to your clinic, your existing patients and yourself.
  • How to create urgency for your patients who don’t seem to care about their health without risking offending them.

Take a peak at the comprehensive table of contents:
Healthcare Entrepreneur Session 1 table of contents

Remember this offer won’t be around for long. The value of this program is $594, but is being offered today for only $49.

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