Exclusive Live Event!

 May 5th & 6th, 2023

Join us for Session 2:
The Innovation of Medicine

Join us for our exclusive procedural-based training (hands-on with our MDs).


Transform your practice with better work, higher quality, more innovation and A.I. shortcuts!


Gain the ability to become an expert at peptide injections+IVs.


Level 1 Age Reversal Medicine Certification which includes key diagnostic and treatment strategies addressing:

  • Removing inflammation
  • Replacing deficiencies
  • Resetting oxidative stress
  • Replenishing telomeres/stem cells/protein synthesis
  • Recharging mitochondria

We’ll also be discussing our “No Death by Neglect” approach to treating patients.

At Go Wellness, we practice what we preach! During the event we will be hosting a “peptide party” offering complimentary peptides and longevity makeovers (regenerative medicine treatments) to anyone who spends over $5,000. 

Join us, and let us help you transform your approach to medicine, improve your bottom line, and offer the best medicine possible for your future patients.

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Session 2 Agenda Coming Soon