Are you ready to learn how to grow your practice into a successful business?

Transform your practice into a successful business

We’ve built a half a million dollar clinic in less than 2 years.

I believe it’s the support we get.

You can tap into all of these recourses that just aren’t available out there in any other aspect.

Dr. Eric Sherrell, DACM, L.Ac,

Augusta Acupuncture Clinic

Since working with the program in the past year, I’ve seen tremendous growth. I can’t thank this program enough!

The coaching has been invaluable to my practice

Dr. Andrea Jang L.Ac., DAOM

Jang Acupunture

I am very grateful to Go Wellness. There Is a lot of heart, there is a lot of support.
We all grow together and learn together. It’s been a very good experience for me.

Susan Freeman, L.Ac

Great Turning Healing Center

What People Are Saying!

In a field where individual clinicians often don’t have the opportunity to connect on a regular basis, Go Wellness is an academic think-tank that provides cutting edge knowledge and unparalleled camaraderie in a supportive environment. The benefits from GW that I receive assist me in running my integrative clinic with the compassion I want and the business sense I need so I can offer the compassionate service I love. GW is unique and exemplary in every way–a must for successful practices!
– Dr. Patty DiBlasio

Regan has been consulting our practice since 2014. His courage and innovation have inspired us ever since. With Regan and Cade’s team’s support, we have successfully transformed and realized our dream practice: Integrated Eastern and Western Medical Service, our revenue has tripled. The core part of our success is based on GO WELLNESS’s practice system: The Front Management System, the Marketing System, and the Service System. And GO WELLNESS’s constant updates and creativities have ensured our practice wading through the unchartered period that is the COVID -19 pandemic. Now we are on the road to achieving a higher goal. You are greatly appreciated, Regan and Cade!
– Dr. Bing You
Working with Regan and his team has been a wonderful experience. When I originally met Regan and Cade I got a very warm, honest, and inviting vibe from them. In all their actions and in everything I have seen this remains the case. I have now worked with many team members and several clients and each one is very giving and caring about our success. I truly feel that what you see is what you get with the entire Go Wellness team. I have recently upgraded my involvement and at each interaction, I remain impressed by the quality and care that I experience. I’m looking forward to the next phase of growth and personal development very much.
– Annonymous

I had been doing integrated medicine procedures in my office for about a year and began to notice that some of our clients were not getting the desired results. I soon realized that this was due to multiple reasons however I was hearing more and more about the powerful benefits of peptide therapy and was eager to learn as much as possible. I contemplated enrolling in a peptide course through another organization until I heard the presentation Regan gave in Atlanta in March of 2020. His presentation offered a very concise description of peptide therapy in a manner that was very easy to understand. After speaking with several colleagues at this event who had taken Regan’s peptide course, the consensus was consistent in that the material could be learned in an accelerated manner which could be applied in practice immediately. This was exactly what I was looking for and later what I found to be true as I immersed myself in this program.
I was able to implement peptide therapy within my practice shortly after and began to notice improved recovery rates for not only my integrated medicine patients but for other patients looking to boost their overall immunity, sports performance as well as general health and wellness. This course as well as the guidance offered through GoWellness has helped me to advance my practice with additional cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies for the future of healthcare in this country. I highly recommend this program for any practitioner that is looking to do the same.
– Dr. Brian Petrie