Excitement Is Contagious 

Our upcoming event, “Creativity in Medicine”, will be held on Sept 16th & 17th in Salt Lake City. This event will be filled with opportunities to level up the creativity in your practice and improve the lives of your patients.

In this week’s episode, Regan chats with Wes Watts from CELL CORE and dives into the amazing healing potential of their supplements. As someone who regularly uses and prescribes the Cell Core products, Regan has seen firsthand how powerful these products can be in regards to transforming your health.  

 With topics ranging from leaky gut to how CELL CORE can remove the toxins in your body, this episode is sure to make you consider the powerful benefits of trying this product for yourself and your patients. 


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Key Takeaways

0:52 – Announcements
2:01 – Regan and Wes discuss Carbon technology
4:02 – Wes discusses how CELL CORE handles leaky gut
4:25 – Mission Statement of CELL CORE
7:35 – Carbon Technology Used to Get Into the Body
14:47 – Regan Closing Remarks

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