Approaches To Autoimmunity

Autoimmunity can become very complex, but there are simple approaches to understanding the mechanisms for optimal health. Dr. Dan Kellams, DAOM takes us through an in-depth conversation about autoimmunity so you can optimize your healthcare practice for your patients to achieve health and wellness.

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Key Takeaways:

[0:50] Peptides are great for autoimmunity but it can become a massive problem if not taken care of

[1:20] The first step is having a basic understanding of the autoimmune process

[1:30] The first thing that happens within the autoimmune process is Self-Tolerance, where the body begins to attack itself

[3:30] Tolerance is learned over time and happens through a lot of systems

[4:20] Similar to the gut, immune tolerance can happen in the mouth as well

[4:30] The question you should be asking is if there are intact barriers or is are body able to be selective

[6:15] The key to autoimmunity is making sure that stuff that is not supposed to be there is not getting into the body; minimize exposure for a “house cleaning” during the initial intake

[9:50] Inflammation is created when the body is exposed to things that shouldn’t be there

[12:15] Eating an autoimmunity diet helps to optimize health

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