Excitement Is Contagious 

We’re nearing two months away from our next event, “Creativity in Medicine”, on Sept 16th & 17th in Salt Lake City. This event will be filled with opportunities to level up the creativity in your practice!

 In this week’s episode, Regan and Dan discuss the importance of peptides related to gut and joint health and the science behind the amazing benefits your patients can experience. With proven results that can reverse many symptoms that plague the health of your patients, peptides offer the next level of relief for both you and the improved health of those you care for.  

With an emphasis on the peptides BPC-157 and ARA-290, Regan and Dan share their personal experiences with these powerful peptides, and the amazing results they have seen in their patients as well. The power of peptides is a resource that you shouldn’t miss.


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Key Takeaways

0:09 – Intros and Announcements
2:39 – Dan’s Encephalomyelitis Consultation
3:39 – Regan’s Ulcerative Colitis Patient Email
4:31 – Excitement Is Contagious
6:41 – BPC 157 Presentation
12:03 – ARA-290: Pain Relief from Autoimmunity
15:07 – Closing

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