Our next event, “Creativity in Medicine”, is almost here! We’ll be in beautiful Park City, Utah Sept 16 &17. For those of you who will be there in person, we can’t wait to see you. For those of you who won’t be able to join us, virtual attendance is always an option. This event will open your mind to the creativity and imagination of medicine and is guaranteed to improve the life of your patients and your practice. 

In this week’s episode Regan chats with Cade about Dr. Benjamin Hardy’s latest book, Be Your Future Self Now and reminds us how being the person you want to be while also being present in the moment of today can change not only your life, but the lives of your patients.

Regan and Cade discuss some of their personal stories and experiences with the concept of living your future self today and how beneficial it has been for their own lives and the success of their careers.

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Key Takeaways

0:52 – Announcements
2:01 – Regan and Wes discuss Carbon technology
4:02 – Wes discusses how CELL CORE handles leaky gut
4:25 – Mission Statement of CELL CORE
7:35 – Carbon Technology Used to Get Into the Body
14:47 – Regan Closing Remarks

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