You Can Be Fit At Any Age In Your Life

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In this week’s episode Regan discusses his latest and greatest innovative structure for your patient’s fitness practice with the FItness 50 at Age 100 Expander designed with Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach.

In this program Regan shows us the most innovative and efficient ways to not only gauge where your fitness levels are, but also how to succeed at any age with your fitness goals. This structure will allow your patients the ability to meet and exceed the levels of physical fitness they desire to attain.

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Key Takeaways

[0:00] Announcements

[0:50] – Session 2 Reminder

[2:22] – Age 50 Fitness Test

[6:04] – The 4 Categories

[7:00] – The Push Up Test

[8:30] – The Plank Hold Test

[9:48] – The Pull Up/Grip Test

[10:45] – Lower Body Strength Test

[14:08] – Balance + Coordination

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