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In this week’s episode, Regan chats with Dr. Dan Kellams about the importance of Gut Health and the role it plays in fertility.  Dr. Dan also discusses how inflammation can be a major adversary when it comes to maintaining a healthy microbiome.

Gut health is a major topic these days and for good reason. Our gut works as our second brain. If the gut is unhealthy, poor health tends to follow. This episode will remind you to make your patient’s gut health a top priority, as there is no true wellness without a healthy microbiome.  


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Key Takeaways

0:52 – Announcements
2:01 – Regan and Wes discuss Carbon technology
4:02 – Wes discusses how CELL CORE handles leaky gut
4:25 – Mission Statement of CELL CORE
7:35 – Carbon Technology Used to Get Into the Body
14:47 – Regan Closing Remarks

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