Opening Patient Conversations With Emotional Coaching

We begin this week’s episode with an announcement about our upcoming virtual summit about Peptide Mastery! Our guests, Carly Chouinard and Anne Market discuss how to optimize health coaching for your practice by using emotional techniques. From Emotion Freedom Tapping to E.P.I.C, using these techniques opens up the conversations you can have with your patients.

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Key Takeaways:

[3:04] E.P.I.C acronym with 3-4-5 Method: Emotion Physical Immune Chemical

[3:53] Emotion Freedom Technique with one-on-one health coaching

[5:31] Emotional Freedom Tapping: acupressure points with emotional discussions

[10:07] Energy work with your patients is a critical piece for health coaching

[12:00] Avoid patients unconscious self-sabotaging by using emotional coaching

[12:51] A support mechanism and patient discussion of therapy

[13:04] The first step is to open up the patient conversation

[13:31] Health coaching creates a safe space for patients to deal with their emotions

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