Attitudes of Chronic Kidney Disease

Dr. Robin Rose is our special guest in this Healthcare Entrepreneur Podcast episode as we discuss the mindsets and attitudes of chronic kidney disease. Our kidney health is critical for obtaining long, healthy lives yet many have the dangerous mentality to not focus on the early stages of kidney disease. Dr. Rose shares her personal experience with kidney health as we discuss why we should shift our mindsets about our kidneys.

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Key Takeaways:

[4:03] The goal is to raise health and transform medicine

[5:40] An approach to kidney health is Chinese medicine thinking and regenerative ideas

[6:48] History skewed the mindset of kidney disease

[7:17] Kidney dialysis replaced all lifestyle awareness

[13:51] Focus on early stage kidney failure before there is a 50% loss

[15:27] The attitude of neglecting kidney disease until it’s too late to fix needs to change

[15:54] We have a lot of tools to help kidney health

[18:10] Kidney disease affects everything

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