Insights To Scheduling Leads

The goal for every healthcare clinic is to get patients on the phone, scheduled in the books, and in the door. Do you know¬†all the do’s and do not’s of medical marketing?

Learn from Lesly Gaona, the Chief Operating Officer of RED Digital Marketing, about the biggest mistakes medical clinics make with their marketing and how to improve your booking stats!

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Key Takeaways:

[1:24] How you can structure your marketing group

[2:00] What happens after you get leads from your ads to fill your books

[2:26] There’s a small gap everyone is missing to having a profitable practice

[3:06] 64% don’t nurture their leads

[4:13] Most don’t follow-up and contact their leads all three times

[5:16] What to do on the lead call floor, from voicemails to emails

[5:45] Call people back-to-back because double calls avoid doubts of spam

[12:10] Front desk clerks can easily become overwhelmed and neglect the 200+ per day cold calling for leads

[13:43] Number one goal is to fill up the books


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