Mitochondrial Summit: What We Will Be Discussing

Get a preview look at what you will be learning and how you and your healthcare practice will grow at our upcoming summit this August! Hear from Dan Kellams on what we will be discussing at our Mitochondrial Summit from hands-on learning for diagnosis and treatment, Chinese medicine, and new perspectives!

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Key Takeaways:

[1:30] There’s not just one answer while working in the regenerative space

[3:15] There’s a huge difference between mitochondrial dysfunction and mitochondrial disease

[5:12] Energy will affect mitochondrial function

[5:36] Have an energy/lifestyle mindset when addressing new patients

[6:58] Star case studies and deep investigated work for your patients

[7:30] The path you take your patients on should be based on their needs

[8:43] Apply specific details

[15:36] Glucose is the link to the mitochondria

[18:32] Have energy in place to ramp up the repair process

[20:06] Keep it simple by focusing on the priorities

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