What You Missed In Session 2

Session 2 was amazing, but Session 3 will be here sooner than you know. Start planning for “Creativity in Medicine” 2022, Sept 16th & 17th in Salt Lake City!

In this week’s episode Regan, Dan & Cade give us a recap of what was discussed in Session 2, The Innovation of Medicine.

With topics ranging from Regenerative Medicine to the innovation of peptide therapy and the future of medicine using the implementation of “AI”, the possibilities for your practice and the future health of your patients is exponentially expanding every day.

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Key Takeaways

[0:00] – Announcements

[1:29] – Dan Kellams Session 2 Takeaways

[2:55] – The Discussion of AI

[4:44] – New Ways Innovations Are Coming Into The Marketplace

[5:55] – The First Principle is Thinking

[7:14] – Regan’s Big Takeaway

[8:47] – Auto Immunity

[10:20] – 2nd Big Takeaway “The Financial Agreement”

[11:02] – The 90 Minute Books

[12:24] How To Connect With Our Patients

[13:57] Ask How To Get Text Updates On Innovations

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