The Culture Of Your Business Matters

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In this week’s episode Regan discusses his version of the 4×4 process for developing a great team which he calls the East West Health 16 Principles.

This resource will give you the foundations needed to not only hire the right people for your practice, but also help redevelop the structure for your current team and aid in the improvement of already established skills.

With this clear model you can give your employees and your practice a new level of structure and communication that can take your services and the health of your patients to the desired heights of wellness you both wish to go.

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Key Takeaways

[0:00] Announcements

[1:09] – Session 2 Reminder

[2:32] – 16 Principals

[5:19] – The  Wow Experience

[6:43] – 2nd Step: Curious

[7:49] – 3rd Setp: Responsive

[10:25] – 4th Step: Resourceful 

[13:28] – Results: Faster, Cheaper, Easier, Better

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