The Peptide Pathways For Weight Loss

Welcome to the Healthcare Entrepreneur Podcast! The week’s episode is all about how to help your patients lose weight with peptides. A case study we received from our Go Wellness community prompted this week’s topic to discuss how you can assist your patients in their weight loss journey.

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Key Takeaways:

[0:56] Stacking Peptides: One singular peptide is not the sole answer

[1:20] STACKS: multiple pathways are effective for outstanding results

[2:00] Your patients fat-burning potential

[2:20] The Big 4 I’s

[4:00] Peptides effect on fat-storing hormones

[10:56] Fiber is amazing to help the metabolism and reverse the diabetic process

[11:13] Be cautious when recommending patients fiber . . . be specific

[12:46] Watch blood sugars

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