Do you ever have those days when your brain just won’t turn on?

Your hormones, and the bacteria in your gut, may have far more to do with brain fog than how well your brain is actually functioning. Today, Regan digs deep to understand the root causes of brain fog, and provide practical solutions toward reversing the effects.

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Key Takeaways:

[00:12] What is brain fog?

[01:20] What artificial intelligence will never duplicate is the ability to find meaning in life. Learn how brain fog affects your emotions, thought process, and even sensations.

[02:20] Today’s show is all about understanding brain fog, and reversing these symptoms. Share the show if you feel this can help someone you know!

[03:30] Regan shares his history of autoimmunity caused by chemical exposure as a child.

[06:15] Prescription drugs that are “properly” prescribed are causing over 128,000 deaths per year in the U.S. and another 200,000 deaths in Europe alone.

[07:15] The food pyramid recommends 6-11 services of breads, grains, and rice. That’s a recipe for inflammation and brain fog.

[09:00] The research on statins and blood pressure shows they are doing little to nothing in lowering the rate of heart disease, but are the single worst group of drugs for your brain.

[10:15] What happens when our brains are not working well?

[11:18] Much of brain fog starts, surprisingly, with the digestive system.

[13:18] What is leaky gut, and what is the cause?

[16:15] What are the ways to ensure you have healthy, active neurotransmitters?

[17:30] The best state for “flow” is when we see gamma and theta brain wave activity.

[18:40] Dopamine is released when you get projects done. Start something and finish it!

[19:25] Meditation is one of the best things you can do for your brain on a regular basis.

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