Regan invites Dr. Ryan Killarney on to the show to discuss Qigong techniques. Ryan is the clinic’s acupuncturist, medical wizard, and jokester. If you’ve never worked with Ryan at the East West Health clinic, then this interview pulls back the curtain and allows you to get to know Ryan just a little bit better. He loves playing practical jokes because he likes to leverage his playful nature from his Chinese Zodiac sign, the monkey.

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Key Takeaways:

[0:45] Ryan is a little bit of a joker and played a trick on Regan this morning.

[1:55] What’s the biggest practical joke Ryan has ever played on somebody?

[3:40] Ryan embraces his playful nature. Ryan’s Chinese Zodiac sign is a monkey.

[4:05] What is Ryan’s element archetype?

[7:25] It can get awkward when you hug Ryan. He tries to hug you for 30 seconds.

[8:55] How did Ryan learn to hug in such an intimate way?

[11:45] What are some of Ryan’s talents?

[13:45] How did Ryan learn how to do sexual structural work?

[19:05] Ryan is a Qigong master.

[19:40] What tips can Ryan share on how can people use simple Qigong techniques right now?

[21:50] Ryan shares some final last words of advice.