What does a good job really mean? Bree Martin is here to help dispel some myths and uneasy feelings about how to really thrive in a job setting. Bree is an organizational vitality consultant and uses the VINC (Vitality in Corporations) system. Find out more about Bree and the work she does, on this week’s episode.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:25] How did Bree get into leadership management?

[3:00] Bree’s health was deteriorating every year.

[5:30] Why are you afraid to quit?

[6:05] How did Bree get up enough courage to quit?

[10:00] Why do some patients want change, whereas others do not?

[15:30] Treat others the way you want to be treated.

[16:10] What kind of values does Regan look for in a team member?

[20:00] Hiring a resume does not tell you much about the person.

[20:30] Regan doesn’t have a high amount of turnover.

[27:00] Some of us hate feedback, but it’s important that you see it as a gift.

[29:30] Don’t be a victim. That’s the lowest energy you can have!

[31:15] What’s Bree excited about over the next couple of years?

[33:15] You have enormous potential to achieve what you want!

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