headshot of Amber LewisAmber Lewis is the CEO and Founder of The Good Kitchen, a company that lets you order paleo and primal-friendly prepped meals for you and your family. The concept came about when Amber noticed people’s health would change dramatically over a 30-day period when they were doing the paleo challenge, but they would slowly return back to normal once the challenge was over. People just didn’t have time to cook and make so many of these meals. So, Amber decided to take up the task and now anyone can order from her kitchen within the U.S. and get a healthy meal ready to go.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:25] How did Amber come up with her company, The Good Kitchen?

[3:45] Amber changed her eating habits because of her mom’s health conditions. What kinds of health conditions was she suffering from?

[7:00] By eliminating gluten and soy products, Amber and her husband saw a world of difference in their health. Her husband stopped taking high-blood pressure medication within 6 months because of it.

[8:35] Amber’s food is both paleo and primal-friendly. What does that mean exactly?

[10:15] How does Amber come up with her recipes?

[15:25] Does Amber just eat food from The Good Kitchen or does she cook her own meals?

[20:35] Why should you not heat up olive oil?

[27:20] Amber knows organ meat is good for her, but she has a tough time eating it.

[30:45] Regan loves using Amber’s products because it has made his and his kid’s lives much simpler.

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