By fixing bad movement patterns, you can effectively cure your chronic pain.

Regan invites TJ Stevenson onto the show to explain the difference between dry needling and acupuncture. TJ explains how combining physical therapy and dry needling works and offers productive ways someone can improve their neck, back, and hip pain. You do not have to live with chronic pain and there are solutions to help get your body back on the right track!

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Key Takeaways:

[1:05] Who is TJ and what does he do?

[3:40] What’s the difference between dry needle therapy and acupuncture?

[7:15] What does a dry needle look like?

[9:30] How does TJ combine physical therapy and dry needle therapy in his practice?

[14:00] Not all states allow physical therapists to do dry needling.

[19:05] Looking at the MRI of someone with chronic back pain, their brain has aged by about 10-15 years.

[20:50] How can you improve your neck, back, hip pain?

[24:40] When someone is in pain (outside of an accident happening to them), it’s typically because of bad movement patterns, lack of stability, and lack of strength.

[27:40] We all have years of both good and bad patterns in our body and someone like TJ can help re-train you to use good habits to prevent injury and pain.

[28:35] Our bodies are stress responders, we respond to stress whether it’s good or bad. TJ explains what’s considered good vs. bad.

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