Listen to our Go Wellness Podcast: “Emotional Wellbeing and The 5 Elements — How To Cultivate Wellbeing With an Understanding of The Five Elements and You!” by clicking the play button below.

When we can have very expressive emotions, and don’t have our habitual patterns of negativity interfering, we can truly begin moving forward in our lives and health. In this episode, we explore how the 5 Elements in Chinese medicine are indicative of the microcosm of our bodies, and how we are the manifestation of the macrocosm of the earth.

Key Takeaways:

[01:19] How do the 5 Elements relate to our meridian systems, and how are our bodies similar to batteries?

[02:16] The 5 Elements are (and relate to your): Wood (liver, gallbladder, hormones); Fire (heart, small intestine, pituitary); Earth (spleen, stomach, pancreas); Metal (lungs, large intestine, thyroid): and Water (kidney, bladder, adrenals).

[02:45] Each element relates to different food flavors; fire/bitter, earth/sweet, metal/spicy, water/salty, and wood/sour.

[03:40] Wood: The liver is said to be the General of the Army who makes plans, and the gallbladder is the decision-maker.

[09:20] What are some health tips for balancing your wood element?

[11:25] Fire: The heart and the fire element manifest your personality and the deeper part of your spirit.

[15:14] What are some health tips for balancing your fire element?

[16:50] Earth: The earth provides nourishment and stability from the food we eat.

[19:10] What are some health tips for balancing your earth element?

[22:20] Metal: Metal types are present and alert. They can be very prompt, and sometimes cutting.

[25:35] What are some health tips for balancing your metal element?

[28:27] Water: Emotions are like a river which can tumble over rocks, course through underground streams, or pour through narrow gullies.

[32:15] What are some health tips for your water element?