A special guest sits down with Regan to speak candidly on how growing up the son of an alcoholic doctor, and his own subsequent substance abuse, shaped all aspects of his early life. An accident led him to take a spirit and cleansing quest from the guidance of a shaman in the jungles of Peru, to Iboga root treatment in Mexico.

In this episode, Regan and Chris cover wide-ranging topics such as neurotransmitter balancing, brain health, plant medicine, and seeing life from a spiritual perspective. Hear more about Chris discovering how we shelter our egos with judgments and skewed perceptions that ultimately hold us back from being balanced, happy, and truly healthy.

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Key Takeaways:

[00:30 Explore the benefits of opening your mind with herbal medicines and hallucinogens, in addition to seeing wellness from a spiritual perspective.

[01:30] Chris provides and overview of his journey, and what he’s been doing to improve his own health.

[04:30] An emergency room visit for what seemed to be a simple fracture in his finger led to news that Chris had a broken neck.

[07:00] An introduction to NUCCA chiropractic procedure and radical diet change started Chris on a new path, learning more about plant medicine and spiritual healing.

[11:15] Chris began his plant medicine treatment with peyote on his trip to Peru, followed by a guided Ayahuasca Ceremony and purge.

[24:30] Chewing coca leaves is common to help deal with the higher elevation when climbing the Peruvian mountains.

[26:00] Hear Chris describe the truly magical nature of Machu Picchu.

[31:30] Chris travels to the Crossroads Treatment Center in Mexico that utilizes the psychoactive root bark of the Iboga tree.

[42:30] D.M.T. is often referred to as the “God molecule”.

[45:24] What has Chris learned from these deep, introspective experiences?

[48:00] Regan shares Chris’ neurotransmitter analysis pre and post Iboga use.

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