This Go Wellness Radio episode dives into sexuality and some of the subtle differences between men and women in this area. Our guest expert on sexuality, Elise Carr, discusses how you can become more sexual and build a stronger connection with your partner through a new-found sexual energy. Towards the end, Elise advises Regan on how he can speak to his soon-to-be teenage daughter about the subject of sexuality without making it seem dirty or sinful.

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Who is Elise Carr?

[5:30] Elise is currently working on her second book.

[6:05] What are some of the biggest issues or energy blocks people have with sexuality?

[7:50] What’s the difference between feminine and masculine energy?

[10:00] We as individuals need to slow down.

[14:55] What are some of the differences between men and women’s sexuality?

[21:10] Regan does a quick recap on the subtle sexual differences for a man and a woman.

[23:15] Having a strong sexuality and connection creates relationships that last a long time.

[25:00] Regan has a 12-year-old daughter. What are some of the best ways to talk to her about sex and sexuality?

[26:45] Always try to have an open level of communication with your children.

[27:20] In a world filled with judgment from social media and your child’s friends, you as a parent have to be nonjudgmental towards your child. Again, be as open and as understanding as possible.

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