People love their jobs when they feel like they are accepted and loved at work.

Shannon Waller is the Director and Teamwork Coach for Strategic Coach. Shannon has been with Strategic Coach since 1991 and loves going to work every day because it’s fun. How did Strategic Coach create such a fun-loving work environment where people are happy to show up to work and engage? Shannon has the answers! On this episode of Go Wellness Radio, Shannon dives into what it takes to build an amazing company culture and shares practical tips for you to get started today.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:55] Imagine if we lived in a world with no pain or chronic disease?

[2:15] What’s the difference between successful company cultures and bad ones?

[9:20] How have Shannon and her team been able to overcome the competitiveness of their jobs and learned to work together as a team?

[11:30] Shannon shares what the ‘entrepreneurial attitude’ means and why it’s important to teach it to your employees.

[14:15] You can’t be a hero to someone if you’re just hoarding all the power.

[19:30] How have Shannon and her team brought humor and a fun work environment into Strategic Coach?

[25:20] What are some things Regan can do for his team to create a better culture in healthcare?

[31:30] It boils down to how you think and your mindset. Have a good mindset and you’ll attract amazing people.

[34:00] The healthcare climate is changing. People are not happy with their doctors.

[39:00] We, as people, have to create our own change when it comes to our healthcare.

[40:45] When it comes to creating good company culture, where do you start first?

[44:50] What are some of Regan’s core values?

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