Dr. Jim Stringham has been a therapist for over 15 years, and some of his work focuses on unclogging emotional barriers, as well as dream interpretation. Dr. Stringham has been Regan’s therapist for a number of years, and has worked with him on various aspects of his life. To begin this week’s interview, Dr. Stringham discusses the parent, adult, and child ego and how it can impact our romantic relationships if these are not aligned accordingly.

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Key Takeaways:

1:00] How did Dr. Stringham and Regan first meet?

[2:50] We have different sections or aspects to our ego: Parent, adult, and child.

[4:10] What kind of things does a person with a parent ego do to others?

[5:20] In a romantic relationship, a couple cannot synergize well, if they’re playing a parent or a child role. Both partners need to fit into the adult role.

[6:45] A patient/doctor relationship should always be a partnership, because both of you are working towards a goal.

[8:15] Approximately 93-95% of what we do is not a conscious choice.

[11:30] How does enmeshment play into these parent, adult, and child ego roles?

[15:55] Regan talks about a very vivid dream he had and what it meant to him.

[18:40] From a psychological perspective, why do we dream?

[21:05] What does a healthy masculine energy vs. a healthy feminine energy look like?

[23:50] What’s the goal of psychotherapy? It’s to balance these two energies out.

[27:15] Through the work that Regan has done with Dr. Stringham, he can safely say his relationships, as well as his self-confidence, have greatly improved.