Dr. Ken Vinton has been practicing conscious healing for over 30 years and has had some amazing mentors in bioenergy along the way. Dr. Ken believes we, as humans, are comprised of four components: chemical, mechanical, electrical, and spiritual. In this Go Wellness Radio episode, Dr. Ken says that when your nervous system begins to let go of all the garbage in your body, it is able to function at a higher level, and this deep healing can be achieved through the spiritual part of your being. How are you able to let go some of this junk? Listen in as Dr. Ken dives into his personal process.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:15] How did Dr. Ken get into conscious healing?

[8:30] With all the natural healers Dr. Ken and his mentor, Mietek Wirkus, studied, they noticed that natural healers were able to reduce brain wave frequencies in certain parts of their brain. Through this, Dr. Ken learned how to control his own neurological functions.

[17:15] What kind of daily rituals does Dr. Ken have that help him control his bioenergy?

[21:40] Increasing and expanding your state of consciousness and increasing your energy vibration is just like working out.

[22:55] How can the average Joe develop what Dr. Ken has been able to achieve?

[27:40] What does Dr. Ken think about Ayahuasca and other types of plants that help people get to another state of consciousness?

[33:00] The primary care is self-care. We are spiritual, electrical, mechanical, and chemical beings.

[34:35] Dr. Ken shares an example of how energy medicine has helped some of his patients.
[38:10] Dr. Ken explains what he does — his process — when he’s working on a patient.

[44:30] You don’t have to cure the disease directly. The disease is a manifestation of an imbalance. You need to first cure the imbalance to effectively cure the disease.

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