Can psychedelic drugs really help bio-hack our bodies?

Regan invites Chris, who has undergone a transformative journey, back to the show. Chris appeared on the show in late June to discuss plant medicine. His first episode sparked a ton of debate and even more questions from curious listeners. This episode hopes to answer some of the audience’s questions about psychedelic drugs and share Chris’s experience with it from June to now.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:20] Regan starts off by reading Chris’s neurotransmitter test results.

[3:15] Chris’s friends have noticed quite a change in Chris’s personality.

[4:40] Regan’s first interview with Chris was released on iTunes at the end of June.

[4:50] So, here’s the difference between Chris’s levels from June up to now.

[7:25] Chris believes the Iboga helped clean up his gut.

[8:15] Chris was heavily medicated as a kid, and took a ton of antibiotics, which may explain why his gut bacteria was ruined.

[11:15] Chris’s creatine levels have doubled.

[12:15] People with PTSD have been reaching out to Regan to see if he and his team can help him.

[12:55] Where does Chris recommend someone suffering from PTSD start their journey?

[14:05] Chris started taking Peyote first before transitioning to Iboga.

[15:35] Some legal advice: Psychedelic drugs are considered illegal narcotics.

[16:05] How do you tell your family about taking psychedelic drugs? How did Chris’s family react to this?

[19:10] Chris has pulled back from some relationships because he knew they wouldn’t be able to understand the type of transition Chris has gone through.

[20:15] Have questions for either Regan or Chris? Send them in!