Live a Spiritually Fulfilling and Pain-Free Life.

Skeptics call it a coincidence or a placebo effect, but amazing things do happen by just using the power of your mind.

In this Go Wellness Radio episode, Regan invites Dr. Robert Brown on to the show to discuss his expertise and his latest book, Toxic Home/Concious Home. Dr. Brown is a trained physician and radiologist with a deep rooted passion for health and spiritual development. Dr. Robert discusses dangerous toxins in the household, why he believes in the work he does, and some of the fansicinating things the human body can do to heal itself.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Why did Dr. Brown decide to write this book?

[2:40] There was a time in Dr. Brown’s life where he had chronic headaches, which he would pass off as just allergies.

[3:55] What are the top three places in a person’s home that are the most toxic?

[8:25] Dr. Brown shares his thoughts on mold living in your household.

[9:25] Dr. Brown is also a very spiritual person and discusses his experience in Malaysia and the Himalayas in Nepal.

[13:50] Dr. Brown had chronic wrist pain for over ten years, but found a way to heal himself by using the Blue Body Technique.

[16:50] Skeptics call it a coincidence or a placebo effect, but these things happen and it is possible to cure yourself beyond what medicine can do.

[19:50] Are MRIs safe for people?

[23:25] Turn your wifi router off when you go to bed.

[24:25] What does Dr. Brown do to keep himself healthy when he travels?

[26:55] Remember, life is for living! Don’t get stuck too much in a pattern or a routine.

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